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Recommendation Letter

If you are requested to write a letter of recommendation but think that he/she is a poor employee/student or if you don't know him/her very well it is best if you decline. If you feel that you know the employee/student well it is a good idea to ask for additional information and/or conduct a short interview with them so that you'll have solid information to write in your letter

Follow the business letter format with the exception of the inside address which you can leave out if it is unknown. Unless the name of the person is given to you, you should address the \"To Whom It May Concern:\" Also be sure to include your phone number and/or e-mail so the reader can contact you with any questions.

Letter of Recommendation Writing
The first paragraph should start out by stating your relationship to the applicant and how long you have known him/her. You should also state your professional position at the company/school and any additional information about yourself that will help build your credibility as a good reference.

The second paragraph should focus on building the applicant. It should give an overview of the candidate and his/her strengths and qualities.

The next 2 to 3 paragraphs should focus on a single quality followed by an example(s) of how they show that quality.

The closing paragraph should reiterate that the applicant would be a good employee/student and add any additional comments that you may want to bring up. You can also write about why you think the employee/student will be a good fit with the company, school, and/or position. Also let the reader know that he/she can contact you if they have any additional questions.

Download - Recommendation Letter Example

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation
Getting a good recommendation letter can significantly help you out in your application process so it is important to ask someone who you are in good terms with for a letter. It is also important to ask someone that knows you well for a recommendation and ask them for it in person. If you are seeking a letter for college or graduate schools, then it is recommended that you request letters from your teachers/professors. If you are seeking a letter for a job, business or professional school then it would be ideal if you got one from your current company. If you have not been at your current company long or if you are not currently employed then asking a previous employer is recommended. If that is not possible seek recommendations from respected professionals that you may know, such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, ministers and so on.

Ask for the letters early on, don't wait until the day before the letter is supposed to be sent in to request the letters of recommendation. Instead ask ahead of time. If you are going to apply to school ask your professor at least a month ahead of time. If you are seeking a professional letter, ask for a letter of recommendation whenever you leave a job.

Assist the writer with as much material as necessary, providing the writer with your resume and a list of achievments will make it easier on the writer. You may also want to give him/her any information that will help with the letter including your plans for the future, your strengths, experiences and other qualities you want to be presented in the letter. Be honest about the information you give, if you embellish it'll catch up with you later.

You should provide the writer with a stamped and addressed envelope. Also if there is a guideline that needs to be followed or any other material that needs to be filled out, you should provide that to him/her.

After the letter is sent out, you should send a thank you note to the writer. You can also thank them in person or over the phone as well. "; $title = "Recommendation Letter"; $desc = "Recommendation letter are usually about an employee and student. The letter is typically in a business format focusing on the candidate’s strength and weaknesses."; $tplbody= file_get_contents($index_tpl); $header= file_get_contents($header_tpl); $footer= file_get_contents($footer_tpl); $guide= file_get_contents("../guide_writing.html"); $tplbody = str_replace("{header}", $header, $tplbody); $tplbody = str_replace("{footer}", $footer, $tplbody); $tplbody = str_replace("{ft_year}", date('Y'), $tplbody); $tplbody = str_replace("{guide_writing}", $guide, $tplbody); $tplbody = str_replace("{content}", $content, $tplbody); $tplbody = str_replace("{title}", $title, $tplbody); $tplbody = str_replace("{desc}", $desc, $tplbody); echo $tplbody; /* ########### MOBILE FUNCTIONS --- START ############ */ /* *************************************************** */ // function to manage the template layouts for either desktop or mobile function MobileLayout($isMobile, $test = ""){ // assign global variables, retrieve detection class global $index_tpl;global $header_tpl;global $footer_tpl;global $mob_index_tpl;global $mob_header_tpl;global $mob_footer_tpl;global $device_switch;global $request_uri; $request_uri = ($request_uri ? $request_uri : $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); $layouts_arr=array('desktop', 'mobile'); // determining layout if(isset($_GET['layout'])){$layout = $_GET['layout'];}else{if(empty($_COOKIE['layout'])){$layout=($isMobile ? 'mobile' : 'desktop');}else{$layout=$_COOKIE['layout'];$dont_set_cookie = true;}} // if fails choose desktop as default if (!in_array($layout, $layouts_arr)){$layout='desktop';} // setting layout COOKIE if needed if($dont_set_cookie!=true){setcookie("layout", $layout, time() + 604800, "/");} // determine which layout depending on COOKIE $cssSelected="font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none!important;"; if($layout=='mobile' || $test=="test"){$index_tpl=$mob_index_tpl;$header_tpl=$mob_header_tpl;$footer_tpl=$mob_footer_tpl;$mobClass=$cssSelected;$deskClass='';}else{$mobClass='';$deskClass=$cssSelected;} // show device switch if mobile only if($isMobile){$qs = $request_uri;$device_switch = '
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