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When you need to write a letter it can be difficult finding the right words. We have free examples of essential business, resignation and faculty reference letters and cover letters. A great way to improve and strengthen your communication skills.

Most Popular Letters

  1. Request Bank To Close Account
  2. Demand For Payment, Strong Tone
  3. Announcement Of New Employee Joining
  4. Acknowledgement Of Receipt
  5. Excuse From Jury Duty: Example One
  6. Purchase Order
  7. Announcement To Customers: Increase In Price
  8. Request For Promotion
  9. Invitation To Lunch Meeting
  10. Request For Price Quote
  11. Product Inquiry: Request To Send Information
  12. Appreciation Letter To Employee
  13. Notifying Of Change Of Address
  14. Rejection Of Proposal
  15. Confirmation Of Meeting With Customer
  16. Request To Reschedule Meeting
  17. Announcement Of Promotion
  18. Authorization To Bank To Release Account Information To Financial Adviser
  19. Late Payment, Moderate Tone: Final Notice
  20. Indemnity Agreement (general Form)
  21. Announcement To Customers: Change Of Business Name
  22. Invitation To Grand Opening
  23. Request To Transfer To New Position
  24. Overdue Payment Reminder Letter
  25. Excuse From Jury Duty: Example Two
  26. Announcement To Customers: New Product
  27. To Prospective Client Following Up On Meeting - Aggressive Tone
  28. Congratulations On A Job Well Done
  29. General Affidavit
  30. Decline Business Invitation
  31. Apology For Late Delivery
  32. Request Bank To Transfer Funds
  33. Rejection Of Bid
  34. Apology For Late Response To Letter
  35. Follow Up To And Thank You For Meeting
  36. Announcement Of Retirement Of Long Standing Employee
  37. Bid Request
  38. Requesting Renewal Of An Agreement
  39. Announcement Of Termination Of Employee
  40. Request Proposal For Credit Facility
  41. Confirm Attendance Of Seminar
  42. Thank You For Your Interest In Our Products/services
  43. Refusal Of Job Offer
  44. Cannot Make It To Meeting: Please Reschedule
  45. Announcement Of Relocation Of Retail Business And Change Of Management
  46. Request For Leave Of Absence
  47. Promotional Letter - Business Service
  48. Request Bank To Place Stop-payment On Check
  49. Standard Response To Inquiry
  50. Request For Full Refund
Example & Sample letters included:
Authorizations, Interest, Instructions To Bank, Request To Bank, Miscellaneous...
Announcements, Apologies, Billing Errors, Congratulations, Credit, Handling Complaints, Invitations, Meetings With Customer, Order Problems, Post-Sale Correspondence, Returns, Thank You, Miscellaneous...
Acknowledgement, Character, Credit Management, Donations, Email, Employment, Head, Fundraising, Job Search, Retaining Professional Advisers, Of Agreement...
Appointment, Employee Performance, Hiring, Internal Announcements, Internal Meetings, Problems And Terminations, Resign, Resignations...
Appreciation, College, Condolences, Congratulations, Dispute, Farewell, Love, Engagement, Motivation, Reference, Retirement, Sympathy, Thank You...
Collection, Demand, Landlord And Tenant, Promissory Notes...
Advertising And Media, Business, Press Releases, Promotions, Public Relations...
Bids and Proposals, Complaint, Compliments and Suggestions, Credit, Finding a Supplier, Orders, Payments, Product Problems, Shipment Problems...
Appeal, Application, Apology, Christmas, Confirmation, Cover, Covering, Eviction, Follow Up, How To Write Writing, Intent, Interview, Formal, Letterhead, Query, Recommendation, Relieving, Rejection, Resumes, Requesting, Sponsor Sponsorship, Solicitation...
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